It’s impossible (or soon will be) to do it all in house

Technology is moving too quickly to do everything in house. Printing and converting equipment is too expensive and becomes obsolete too fast to do that. Even the best financed companies will find that it’s just too much. JH Bertrand has always believed in focusing its energies (and finances) on core competencies and using “best of breed” suppliers to fill in the gaps. We have perfected this over the last 30 years. We feel for those companies who are trying to do everything under one roof because it is going to become more and more impossible under the face of relentless technological change. Those companies that believe a company is “less”  by using partners are using outdated thinking. JH Bertrand has a healthy manufacturing and partner base that has allowed us to provide everything our clients desire while keeping the company in top financial shape. Companies that are unwilling to acknowledge this truth are going to come to the end of their financial rope faster than they think.

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