Trending now in the booklet label niche….

We want to keep our customers and distributors up to date on what is trending in the marketplace with regards to booklet labels. We see growth in the following arears:

  1. GHS- Global Harmonization is a hot topic because the deadline is sometime in the middle of next year. We have a number of large clients who are very concerned with how they are going to handle the languages and symbols on small curved product.
    Go to our note on GHS to find out more.
  2. e-Pedigree- This relates mostly to pharmaceuticals. Due to the wide spread counterfeiting of drugs, the FDA and pharma manfacturers want drugs to be serialized and coded to reduce this problem. JH Bertrand has the capabilities to add the appropriate codes for pharma booklet labels.
  3. Green Booklet Labels- Customers are asking about materials that can be used for recycling. They want their labels to have a more natural look. JH Bertrand can design a booklet label for you that addresses the look that you want to achieve.
  4. Where are the coupons labels? – Our channel checks show that far fewer coupons are being purchased this year. We are not exactly sure why, but customers seem to be trending toward smart phone coupon applications shown at the register rather than putting one on the product. For obvious reasons, we think that coupon labels are a very effective and won’t be replaced by smart phones etc. However, there is no denying that coupon labels are nowhere near as popular (for now) as they used to be.
  5. Multilingual booklet labels– business and products gets more global everyday. There is great cost savings in eliminating individual country labels in favor of consolidating all the information into booklet labels. Not only are we very skilled with languages, we offer technical translations services as well.

Is the coupon label dead?

004Coupon labels have been popular for decades. They are a great way to catch the attention of new customers and reward old customers. They are proven winners. However, we have recently noticed a sharp reduction in coupon label orders. We checked with other converters in the industry (at least 15 converters/customers) , and they report seeing the same thing. Everyone is saying coupon label business is slow. (This is only a small fraction of our business so it isn’t affecting us too much-thankfully) I was wondering why this might be the case. Frankly, I think there are some trends working against it. (1) The economy is still hurting in certain markets so people don’t want to discount their products. (2) More people are using Smartphone coupons where there is less cost for delivery. (3) More people are using the coupons that are given away at the register. (4) It’s the weather. LOL. I had to put that one in because everybody blames the weather for everything although you could make a case this winter.

If it’s the economy, this is interesting because the coupon business has traditionally increased during a poor economy so it just might be that companies are favoring other delivery methods right now.

I firmly believe that coupon labels will be around for a long time. You can’t beat putting something directly on the product. They really aren’t that expensive, and they are more obvious than something on a smartphone. But, with that said, it certainly appears that coupon labels are facing some stiff head winds right now. Not dead, but certainly a bit wounded for the moment.

-2 temp, blizzard conditions in areas, driving bans…but most of us are in!

001The “cold vortex” is hitting our area today. It’s -2 right now with some white-outs, yet more than half our team is in. (Some couldn’t come because of driving bans in their area) I am proud to say that our hearty staff always does what it takes to keep things going for our customers! I am lucky to have such a dedicated group!!  Jeff Bertrand

Congratulations to Marina Donhauser for raising $300 for the Leukemia and Lymphona Society

6a00d8352e82a569e2019b00805775970c-800wiMarina Donhauser, daugher of our Executive Project Manager Beth Donhauser, raised $300 (of the $1,300 total raised) from the Clarence High School Chapter of Sadd which will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Great effort Marina! You might have a future in fund raising!!

Happy Halloween from your friends at JH Bertrand

We're having a fun time at the plant today!
We’re having a fun time at the plant today!

A few brave souls came into work with Halloween costumes today…Dennis Nitecki, Head Press Operator and “Pirate” , Kim Nitecki, QA Specialist and “Robin”, and Jeff Bertrand, CEO and “82nd Airborne soldier”. We wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween. After seeing some of his “crazy” colleagues dress up, Keith Schwertfeger, Director of Business Development, showed up a short time later in his old fire figher uniform.



JH Bertrand upgrades it’s Global Vision comparator proofing system

JH Bertrand has used Global Vision’s Scan TVS system for many years. We are pleased to announce that we are upgrading to the Latest TVS system which includes new software and hardware. “We’ve had great luck with Global Vision”, Jeff Bertrand noted. Because of the nature of healthcare printing, we compare all customer art to the finished printed piece. Often, this means that there are very thick booklets involved which take time to scan and review. GV’s new system is going to make this faster and easier for us. “We’re really excited because this is one piece of equipment that gets heavily used in our facility. We really do get our money’s worth here”, says Jeff Bertrand.